Our company is mainly specialized in road freight transport from Western Europe to the Eastern European countries, ranging from complete full truck load and partial shipments to express shipments. In lesser extent we also provide transportation of hazardous cargo as well as transport by refrigerated vehicles. Approximately 85-90% of volume of traffic includes imports from Western Europe and 10-15% exports to Western Europe.


We manage contractual vehicles with a load capacity between 1,5 tons and 24 tons, including 100 m3, 13.6 tilt trailers and 120 m3 sets, vehicles with ADR equipment, partly refrigerated vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with mobile phones and GPS, drivers have all protective equipment as well as additional equipment required mainly for the transportation of paper products and products for automotive industry. Customers can request our services across all European countries, however, we specialize in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.


Do not hesitate and let us prepare for you non-binding offer of truck transport from the above destinations. We are here for you and are always ready to offer you the best solution.